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The Parfitt Search Partners, Inc. Advantage
Founded in 1999 by William Parfitt. William's executive recruiting experience spans over three decades and has successfully completed hundreds of searches for early stage to fortune 500 companies.  

Search Excellence

We will bring that "hands-on" commitment, advocacy, and tenacity in providing our services. The real distinction of our services is not what we do, but how we do it.  Our search team consists of industry experts that bring just the right touch of recruiting, research, interviewing and reference checking.  We want to be your search excellence team.  Integrity, honesty and professionalism are our guiding principals.

An in-depth survey conducted last year with Linkedin indicated that 82% of their fully-employed members were unlikely to even consider switching jobs unless directly contacted by a recruiter or through an employee they've worked with closely in the past. This is a challenge we are equipped to address in our recruiting strategy.

Recruiting Success

The recruiting business, like employment has undergone radical changes in the past several years. Parfitt Search Partners, Inc. brings over thirty years of search success to your organization. We quickly identify, attract, evaluate and hire the right individual within our client's cost and time budget. We build a recruiting model that fits your specifications, which reduce your cost per-hire and accelerate time to hire.

Over Three Decades of Excellence in The Executive Recruiting Industry!
Our team saved our client's valuable time and resources; helping drive their companies toward gaining market share by placing the top ten percent performers in critical positions.

  • We were the experts used to drive the recruiting while the human resources department was able to concentrate on their more pressing issues.
  • Time was critical our search team was able to effectively identify and qualify candidates within a two-week time period.
  • We teamed with the Human Resources Director and ultimately reduced countless hours of pre-screening and interviewing of candidates.
  • Operating without the needed employee/s cost companies focus and development, our critical placement insures that this is minimized.
Featured Positions Of The Week:
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Curry Community Health is a 501c (3) non-profit corporation that serves as the Local Public Health Authority (LPHA) and Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) for Curry County,
Oregon under contract with the County Board of Commissioners.  The CCH Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the overall management of the company under the direction of the Board of Directors including responsibility to the County Board of Commissioners for assuring that LPHA and CMHP meet all of the required mandates for these programs.

REPORTS:  Board of Director

SUPERVISES Exercised:  Exercises full supervision authority through administrative structure.  Direct reports include Chief Financial Officer, Executive Assistant/HR Coordinator,
and Division Managers.  Selects new personnel, provides for training, evaluates performance, responds to grievances and recommends personnel transaction

Works under the administrative direction of the Board of Directors who provides
general policy and program guidelines and evaluates performance through
conferences and observation of results obtained.
The CEO leads the Senior Management Team.

COMPENSATION:   Competitive base Salary, depending upon experience

Benefits:     Medical, Dental, Visio

location: Gold Beach Oregon

General Statement of duties/ job objectives:

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO has overall
strategic and operational responsibility for Curry Community Health’s staff,
programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. S/he will initially develop
deep knowledge of field, core programs, operations, and business plans.
The CEO provides overall direction for Curry Community Health, which includes
Public Health, Environmental Health, Mental Health Services; Health Promotion
and Prevention programs and Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs. Assures that
programs meet the standards and mandates for the Local Public Health Authority
(LPHA) and Community Mental Health Program (CMHP).  CEO assures that all duties and programs
required by Oregon Revised Statutes for the position of Public Health
Administrator and Mental Health Program Director are met.  These duties may be delegated to appropriate senior management for one or both positions. This is an at-will position.


The person employed in this classification must possess the capability to perform the following duties to be considered for this position. The duties are essential functions requiring the critical skills and expertise needed to meet job objectives.